UK Coffee in Good Spirits

Designed to entice budding bar tenders as well as baristas, this is the only competition where contestants can use alcohol. Each competitor has 8 minutes to set up their work area and then 8 minutes to prepare 2 perfect Irish Coffees and two of their own signature hot or cold coffee cocktail. Contestants are judged on their technical skills, the visual appeal of the drinks and, most importantly, on the flavour.

Where's it Happening?
The 2018 SCAE UK CIGS competition will be held on the 2nd of December at La Marzocco's Out Of The Box event in Leeds.
UK Coffee in Good Spirits Competition Rules

The UK Coffee in Good Spirits follows the 2017 World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship rules and we will be running the Final Round only (Rule 2.4). Please click here to visit their website, where you can download up to date rules, score sheets and information.
How to enter the Coffee in Good Spirits Competition
All places for this year's competition are now taken.
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