SCA UK Coffee Championships

The SCA UK Chapter competitions are the only competitions recognised by the industry and the only ones that offer the chance of becoming the next World Champion. The UKBC is not just about winning, it is about learning, networking and meeting people who share a passion for great coffee.  
Full details of the 2019 Championships will be released soon. Please sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date with all things SCA UK.
SCA Membership is mandatory for all competitors - Please ensure you have your membership number ready to enter when registering. Without it, you will not be able to complete the purchase.
** Strictly ONE entry per order only - You will not be able to complete the check out process if you have more than one entry in your basket ** 

The 2019 UK Coffee in Good Spirits Championship Entries will go on sale at
9:00 am on Friday the 20th of July.
Until then they will either not show below or will show as "SOLD OUT".