SCA UK Coffee Championships

 UK Coffee Championships

The SCA UK Chapter competitions are the only competitions recognised by the industry that lead to the chance of becoming the next World Champion. The UK Coffee Championships are not just about winning; they are about learning, networking and meeting people who share a passion for great coffee.  

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UK Barista Championship 2024

Where: Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol & London

Dates: Mid January 2024 - Mid February 2024

Cost: £100 per Competitor*

60 places in total will be available across six heats in four locations for this Championship. 

Format: Baristas will be required to prepare; 2 Espresso, 2 Milk Beverages & 2 Signature Beverages. We have re-introduced the Signature Beverage in the UKBC heats this season. This is to try to ensure baristas are prepared them for the UKBC semi-finals and finals, and ultimately the World Barista Final.

The competition will comprise of:

 - 30 minutes off stage practice
 - 10 minutes stage preparation
 - 10 minutes competition
 - 5 minutes clean up

The UKBC 2024 heats will follow the 2024 WBC Rules and will be scored using the 2024 WBC score sheets, albeit with two, rather than four of each beverage, in ten minutes total.

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Entries will be available from 7:00 pm, Wednesday 27th December 2023. Tickets will not show until the moment of release. Please refresh your page at 7:00 pm to see and purchase. 
They generally sell out quickly and will show as "Sold Out" again once the 60 places have gone. 

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Waiting List
If the competition you want to compete in has sold out after the entry release time, email: ASAP to be added to the waiting list. The SCA UK Chapter will contact you if a space becomes available on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. Any waiting list requests received before the competition sells out will be automatically disregarded.

* SCA Membership is not mandatory for competitors. However, the SCA UK will refund 50% of the entrance fee to competitors who are 'NAMED' SCA UK Chapter members. Please check your membership status in the SCA Global portal