Judges are required for all UK Coffee Events, and we are expecting a record number of competitors again this season.

We are holding the 2018 Judges Certification and Calibration on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st of January 2018, at Campus at Union in London. 
Anyone interested in learning about judging or wanting to certify is encouraged to email info@scauk.coffee
Any competitor certifying will not be able to judge the competition(s) in which they enter during that season. All judges will be required to be a valid SCA member. 
If you have not judged before we are looking at continuing to grow the high calibre of UK Judges that we have in our judging pool and are looking for people with SCA Qualifications, at Intermediate level or above, Q Grader Qualification or are a recognised coffee professional within their day to day work.

Please visit our judges products collection HERE to check the availability of Judges Certification & Calibration events.