World of Coffee Dubai Announcement

The recent announcement that the SCA will, next year, hold a World of Coffee event in Dubai, UAE, has raised a lot of discussion within the SCA UK Chapter.

Whilst we see the importance of bringing the coffee community together in all regions, we are concerned that a high profile event is to be held in a country where the LGBTQ+ community is discriminated against to the point of criminalisation.

The SCA UK Chapter wish to see that every SCA event is inclusive for everyone and anyone who wishes to attend.

For clarity, the World of Coffee Dubai event is a licensed SCA event, put on by DXB Live and the SCA UAE Chapter. There are no plans to host any World Championships at this event.

The SCA will be hosting two global Zoom sessions to discuss this matter. The first is today, Thursday 4th November, at 5:00 pm GMT (register here to attend), and the second is tomorrow, Friday 5th November at 5:00 pm GMT (register here to attend). Both sessions will be hosted by Vicente Partida, the SCA Community Experience Officer.

We encourage you to participate if you have any questions surrounding the event. 

The option of an additional Zoom session for the UK Chapter has also been raised to answer our member’s questions and concerns directly.

Where possible, please attend one of the Zoom sessions. If you subsequently have any questions that you would like addressed, please get in touch with us with your comments and concerns to raise them with the SCA directly.


The SCA UK Chapter Committee

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