Updated Scores - London day 1 of 2

After the first of our two days event - here at Campus - we have an updated score sheet of the top 16. Tomorrow we have our final 6 competitors so this leader board may change! Well done to everyone today for the fantastic performances, thank you to our sponsors, host and of course judges and volunteers. 

Kieran Carney Baxter Storey 454
Dale Harris Hasbean 440.5
Don Altizo Baxter Storey 421
Jesse Dodkins Origin 420
Anson Goodge Ozone 414
Diana Johnston Taylor st 414
Scott Tedder Bonanza 411
William Pitts Sans Pere 411
Callum Parsons Extract 408
Tom Hopkinson Cloudpicker 405
Paul Ross Origin 399
Amanda Lo Baxter Storey 393.5
Derek Buckley Baxter Storey 389
Darryl Docherty Independent 382
Dayana Coppini Bewleys 379.5
Claire Wallace Brew Lab 377


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