UKBC Leaderboard - 3 down,1 to go.

This weekend saw the third of our regional UKBC heats held at Ancoats Coffee in Manchester. Their roastery is a short walk from the MEN Arena, the scene of such sadness last night. Manchester's coffee scene has always been open and welcoming and our thoughts are with them.

The heat though was a great success, with three returning competitors topping the days standing. Kieran Carney, Dale Harris and Derek Buckley finsihed, first through third respectively. Our thanks go to our volunteers, Our hosts and of course our sponsors for their invaluable help.

This, of course, means that we have a new leaderboard and some welcome news. To bring the UKBC in line with the 2017 WBC, we have decided to extend the Semi-Finals round to 16 places. So your 16 qualifiers with, one heat to go are:


Kieran Carney Baxter Storey 454
Dale Harris Hasbean 440.5
Jesse Dodkins Origin 420
Anson Goodge Ozone 414
Scott Tedder Bonanza 411
Callum Parsons Extract 408
Tom Hopkinson Cloudpicker 405
Paul Ross Origin 399
Derek Buckley Baxter Storey 389
Amanda Lo Baxter Storey 388.5
Darryl Docherty Independent 381
Dayana Coppini Bewleys 379.5
Claire Wallace Brew Lab 377
Matteo Pavoni Colonna 369
Gillian McIntyre Something Brewed 357
Dominic Ormsby Mettricks 341.5


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