The 2018 SCA UK Coffee Roasting Champion is Nick Mabey

2018 SCA UK Coffee Roasting Championship Results

We concluded our 2018 coffee championship season at the weekend with a fantastic event hosted by the one and only Dear Green Cofee. A tremendous thank you to all the 2018 Coffee Roasting Championship competitors, however, there can only be one Champion! 
2018 SCA UK Coffee Roasting Champion
Nick Mabey
2nd Place - Tim Nurse
3rd Place - Ed Anderson Brown
Here are the full scores and ranking.

2018 CRC Champion

Nick Mabey   494.00


2nd Place              Tim Nurse                           478.25

3rd Place               Ed Anderson Brown         473.67

4th Place               Edgaras Juska                    471.25

5th Place               Steve Leighton                  469.00

6th Place               Eliasz Mikiewicz                466.25

7th place               Zach Chipp                         460.08

8th Place               Tom Osbourne                  456.92

9th Place               Diana Johnstone               454.50

10th Place            Nathan Retzer                   389.00

11th Place            Emily Jackson                           DQ

Above photo courtesy of Dear Green 

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