UK Brewers Cup Finals Day 1 - Glasgow Coffee Festival - run times

The weekend kicks off with the Glasgow Coffee Festival held at the Briggait venue in the city centre. On the first day we will see the semi-finals of the UKBrC 2017 - here is the running order:

Name Open Compulsory
Liam Maidment 09:00 14:00
Stacey Barber 09:40 14:20
Dave Cullen 10:20 14:40
Josh Tarlo 11:00 15:00
Jack Kiff 11:40 15:20
Diana Johnston 12:20 15:40
Lisa-Laura Verhoest 13:20


Steve Leighton 14:00 11:20
Paul Griffiths 14:40 11:40
Jack Henderson 15:20 12:00
Doug Higgs 16:00 12:20
Joe Meagher 16:40 12:40


The livestream link will be posted on Twitter tomorrow so if you are unable to make it you can still catch the best brewers brewing. 


Tickets are also available to the festival at this link:

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