Competitions Catch up, UKBC, Brewers And Dates For Your Diary

With Roasting, CIGS and Latte art champions crowned last year, we kicked off the remaining competitions with the first 2017 heats of the Barista Championship and Brewers Cup in Bristol last week.

Over two days, Paintworks accommodated both competitions brilliantly with huge thanks to Beyond the Bean for hosting and letting us join in on their birthday celebrations too.

The barista competition was hard fought from the off, showing just how high the UK level has risen in recent years. And whilst we don't have heat winners with the top 12 competitors across all heats qualifying for the finals, local pride was up for grabs.

The current leaderboard looks like this;

Callum Parsons 408
Tom Hopkinson 405
Matteo Pavoni 369
Dominic Ormsby 341.5
Travis Mark Riley 340.5
Alex Zeal 331
Will Harrigan 319.5
James Nicholas 309
Simone Dessi 305.5

The next day the Brewers assembled for open and compulsory service routines. Again, complex highly technical performances showed just a fraction of what the UK is capable of. The top 12 competitors across all the heats will qualify for the Finals and the current leaderboard is: 

Open Score Compulsory Score Total Score
Doug Higgs 77.25 67.83 145.08
Dave cullen 73.49 67.39 140.88
Stacey Barber 71.4 66.58 137.98
Paul Griffiths 75.57 60.88 136.45
Jack Kiff 69.06 67.06 136.12
Jack Henderson 71.6 63.83 135.43
Dominik Hurthe 63.12 68.83 131.95
Nico Downes 23.66 65.42 89.08

The later rounds of competition are still being refined but dates to put in your diary are as follows:

24th February      Brewers Cup Heat - Square Mile , London
26th April             Brewers cup Heat - North Star, Leeds
6-7th May            Brewers Cup Final - Glasgow Coffee Fest, Glasgow

7th May               Barista Championship Heat - Glasgow Coffee Fest, Glasgow
May/ June           Barista Championship Heat - London
May / June                    Barista Championship Heat - Manchester
Aug / Sept             Barista Championship Final

As always thanks for the supreme support of our sponsors:

La Spaziale
Nuova Simonelli
Puly Cafe
Beyond The Bean
London School of Coffee
Northiam Dairy

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