Brewers Cup Final Results and UKBC Leaderboard!

Last weekends Glasgow Coffee Festival hosted both the 2017 UK Brewers Cup Final and the regional UKBC heat, which made it quite a hectic few days.

The Brewers Cup was held over both days echoing the Worlds finals format. Each competitor brewed the compulsory and their open choice of coffee on the Saturday, with the top 6 scores progressing to Sundays final. They then brewed their Open choice coffee once more, with the final judging taking into account all three scores.

Once all of the scores were counted the win went to David Cullen from Clifton Coffee in Bristol! Huge congratulations as well to Jack Henderson (Bonaza) and Liam Maidment (Bewleys) for their 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Refreshingly, the top three focused on the art of brewing, with both David and Jack brewing last crop Ethiopians and Liam choosing to blend a Las Lajas Natural with the Esmerelda Geisha.

Stacey Barber (Climpson and Sons), Jack Kiff (Hot Numbers) and Diana Johnston (Taylor St) rounded out the top 6)

The Sunday also saw the second of this years UKBC heats and saw 13 excellent baristas performing for the crowds at what was a packed event. This of course means that we are able to update the leaderboard for the finals qualifications. 

The 12 Qualifiers with two heats still to go:

Name Company Score
Jesse Dodkins Origin 420
Anson Goodge Ozone 414
Scott Tedder Bonanza 411
Callum Parsons Extract 408
Tom Hopkinson Cloudpicker 405
Paul Ross Origin 399
Amanda Lo Baxter Storey 388.5
Darryl Docherty Independent 381
Claire Wallace Brew Lab 377
Matteo Pavoni Colonna 369
Gillian McIntyre Something Brewed 357
Dominic Ormsby Mettricks 341.5




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