An update to our recent Instagram post

Following our last Instagram post, we’ve had time to digest and reflect, and we can now see we messed up!

We didn’t give the issue the thought it deserved and essentially rushed out a response rather than anything of substance.

We know we need to do more!

We have had some very positive meetings and discussions over the past week, which we believe are the start of an ongoing process to help improve the diversity, inclusivity and equity of the SCA UK Chapter, our competitions and hopefully that of the UK coffee industry as a whole.

Working in partnership with coffee community groups including; The Kore Directive and BrewHerHer, plus individuals experienced in this field, we will shortly be sending out our “Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity in Coffee Survey”. The core aim of this is to gain knowledge and opinion from the coffee community of what needs to be improved and actioned in order for us to better serve the community we exist to serve.

In addition to the survey, we are looking at how we can develop our, currently vacant, Membership Coordinator role to become a more expanded ‘Membership, Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity Coordinator’, with the aim of looking to find ways to improve the current membership of the UK Chapter and UK competition scene to become more diverse and inclusive.

We understand that there is no quick or easy fix, and we hope that by starting the conversation, we can bring about genuine, positive change to the UK Chapter and more.

We are committed to:

  • Always be an anti-racist organisation and positively promote anti-racism.
  • Remove any form of bias from all areas of the SCA UK Chapter; be it gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, etc.
  • Look at ways to become a more diverse and representative organisation.
  • Be transparent throughout this journey as we learn and develop.

We are listening, reflecting, and taking action to help create a fairer, more diverse Chapter.

The SCA UK Chapter invite you to contact us: if you have any feedback or suggestions, or if you wish to be more involved with the SCA UK Chapter.

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