An Opportunity to Support the UK Barista Championships

Sponsorship up For Tender

The 2017 UK Barista championship is about to begin in earnest as competitors, judges, sponsors and spectators make their way to Paintworks in Bristol for the first heat of the competition season.

The Barista Championships are special, offering a dynamic platform for coffee across the isles. The competition only grows in popularity and impact, as a celebration of the pursuit of exceptional coffee through the craft, passion and engagement of the barista.

The UK has a thriving competition scene with winners going on to compete at the highest level in the World Championships.

None of this is possible without the incredible support of the Sponsors. Supporting the competition in this way offers the sponsor the opportunity to engage with the coffee community and the most passionate coffee professionals across the country.

The end of the 2017 season will mark the end of the current 3 year cycle of sponsorship agreements. We are so grateful for the support of our sponsors.

The Competition, its impact and the support for it has grown incredibly in the last couple of years and we are excited about the continued development of the competition.

Now is the time to open the sponsorship up for tender, and build relationships for the next three years.

The Sponsorship opportunities take a number of forms:

  • Espresso Machine Sponsor
  • Espresso Grinder sponsor
  • Water Filtration Sponsor
  • Cleaning Sponsor
  • Milk Sponsor
  • Coffee Sponsor
  • Syrups Sponsor
  • Alongside these sponsorships we have a range of opportunities that allow a variety of companies to contribute to the programme.

    These take place in the form of Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship packages.

    If you are interested in supporting and sponsoring the UK Barista championships please do get in touch at

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