UKBC 2024 - Heat 4 - Day 1 - London, 2nd February 2024

UKBC 2024 - Heat 4 - Day 1 - London, 2nd February 2024


Heat 4 - Day 1 - London - Friday 2nd February 2024.

Venue: Cimbali UK. 280 Centennial Park, Elstree, Herts, WD6 3ST

10 places available at this heat.

Format: Baristas will be required to prepare; 2 Espresso, 2 Milk Beverages & 2 Signature Beverages. We have re-introduced the Signature Beverage in the UKBC heats this season. This is to try to ensure baristas are prepared for the UKBC semi-finals and finals, and ultimately, the World Barista Final.

The competition will comprise of:

 - 30 minutes off-stage practice
 - 10 minutes stage preparation
 - 10 minutes competition
 - 5 minutes clean up

The UKBC 2024 heats will follow the 2024 WBC Rules and will be scored using the 2024 WBC score sheets, albeit with two, rather than four of each beverage, in ten minutes total.

The machines being used on stage at the heats are La Cimbali M200 GT1 Espresso Machines fixed at 9 bar pressure. These will be fitted with Cimbali 18 - 22g HD PRO baskets. The machine temperature can be modified if requested before the start of the competition day. 

There will be up to Two x Mahlkönig E80 grinders available for each competitor to use during their performance. You can also bring your own E80 as long as it meets the specifications agreed with Mahlkönig.

Competitors must bring their own crockery and additional equipment.

Important Entry Information

Entries are not transferable and are not automatically refundable.

When purchasing the entry, you MUST include the full name of who will be competing. If the named person cannot compete, that place will be offered to the next person on the waiting list by the SCA UK. It is not transferable by the original purchaser. A refund will only be offered if the SCA UK can fill the place. No refunds will be offered on places cancelled within 10 days of the competition date.

Only one entry into the 2024 UKBC is allowed per competitor. If more than one entry is purchased and registered to the same competitor, only the first entry will be valid, and any subsequent places will be released to the waiting list or put on general sale by the SCA UK.

All competitors must agree to the SCA Code of Conduct  in order to compete.

SCA Membership is not mandatory for competitors, however, the SCA UK will refund 50% of the entrance fee to competitors who are 'NAMED' SCA Members - i.e. have an individual SCA membership or are listed as a named member on a company membership. The refund will take place once we have been able to confirm with SCA Head Quarters. 

Strictly one entry per person per transaction - You will not be able to check out if you have more than one registration in your cart.

Competitors may find the entry process quicker if they create an account or log in to the SCA UK website first.