UK Barista Championship 2017 - London Heat

UK Barista Championship 2017 - London Heat


The UK Barista Championship is the UK's premier coffee competition and showcases barista perfection. Each competitor will have 15 minutes to produce three sets of four drinks, espresso's, milk beverages and a signature beverage. Set to music and with an accompanying presentation, each UKBC routine is a platform for innovation and education. 

Do you have the nerve and artistic talent to become the UK Barista Champion and compete at the World Barista Championships in Korea?

Venue and Date for this heat are yet to be confirmed, but it will take place during May/June in 2017.

14 places available

Competition will be run to 2017 WBC rules, which will be released in January.

SCAE Membership is mandatory for all competitors.

Strictly one entry per person.