UK Barista Championship

The UK Barista Championship is the UK's premier coffee competition and showcases barista perfection. Each competitor will have 15 minutes to produce three sets of four drinks, espresso's, milk beverages and a signature beverage. Set to music and with an accompanying presentation, each UKBC routine is a platform for innovation and education. 
 The espresso machines are provided for the competition by La Spaziale. Grinders from Nuova Simonelli will also be available for competitors although competitors can bring their own.Should you need it, plenty of milk will be available.
The drinks are judged by 2 Technical Judges, 4 Sensory Judges and a Head Judge. The various judges' deliberations will eventually boil down to one score for each barista, with the top 16 scorers going through to the semi finals. These will be whittled down to the final 6 for the following day's final.
United Kingdom Barista Competition (UKBC) Rules - WBC 2016 Rules
The UKBC follows the World Barista Championship (WBC) 2016 rules. Please click here to visit the WBC website, where you can download up to date rules, scoresheets and information. Please ensure you use the 2016 rules for this years UKBC.
You must be a SCA member to enter the Barista Competition - To join visit the membership sections of the SCA Website.